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Vineta Plinta The owner of children's clothing brand „Annas Skapītis”

The owner of children's clothing brand „Annas Skapītis” offers to buy original, exclusive, high quality clothes for parties and everyday life (for children of 0-5 year). "Since I work only with natural materials, I decided to delight my customers with a small surprise and added little wooden angels made by Juris to my outfits. I would also like to realize further cooperation with Inguna and Juris Kokins. We give unique and original wooden bowls, souvenirs, magnets, key rings made by Juris to our friends, relatives in Latvia, Moscow, Spain as presents. Giving wooden bowls and souvenirs as a gift is a great idea to surprise your loved ones. Thank you."

Tatjana Kozacuka Chairman of the board of „Latgales kulinārā mantojuma centrs” society

Tourism information centre of Kraslava district and society „Latgales kulinārā mantojuma centrs" own the shop of locally produced crafts.
"We started cooperation with Inguna and Juris Kokins in September 2014. Their wood crafts have been always admired by local people and tourists.
Their production (bowls, magnets, signs, key rings, etc.) are of high quality and are in high demand as gifts and souvenirs that our visitors like to buy in the store.
We had positive experience and good buyers’ feedback on your goods, and will be happy to continue cooperation with you in future."

Gunta Ahromkina Manager of "Foto klubs "Zibsnis"" society, project manager in Kraslava

"Wooden bowls and souvenirs made by Juris Kokins perfectly fit my home interior. They not only look like pieces of art but also are very practical. In my everyday life I use them as fruit and sweet bowls, decorations, sometimes even as stationery storage. Wooden bowls made by Juris are very special, they reflect love for nature, work and those who are around you; this love was inherited from generation to generation. Thanks, the bowls are really great! They are like a holiday in everyday life!"

Ilze Stabulniece Horse ranch „Klajumi” owner

"Hand-made goods of Inguna and Juris Kokins are both universally practical and exquisitely designed.
In the horse ranch „Klajumi” we use beautiful wooden bowls for serving fruit, making festive decorations (Christmas, for example) and neatly arranging information booklets for ranch visitors.
Tourists also like the wooden horse figurines they can purchase or receive as a gift."

Marika Rudzite-Grike „ArGaumi” Ltd. international project manager

"ArGaumi" Ltd. is a company constantly looking for innovation in the field of textile, including combination of linen with other natural materials (clay, glass or tree). In this way we started cooperation with Juris Kokins. We appreciate both his professional and human qualities (that undeniably play an important role for a mutually successful cooperation!) and his ability to solve technical problems - whether they are wooden buttons necessary for our linen bags or price tags in form of an oak leaf or wooden utensils for our gifts - Juris always finds an appropriate technological solution and offers an attractive price. We would like to emphasize the high quality of Juris’s crafts and the natural (non-chemical) materials he uses for producing his goods - it is very important for us and our export partners in Germany and Finland. We hope to continue successful cooperation in the future to promote high quality of crafts made in Latgale not only in Latvia, but also worldwide."