Juris Kokins

Juris Kokins creates different hand-made wooden items in Kombuli county, Kraslava district. Juris has been interested in woodcraft since early childhood. He creates his goods with love. Juris inherited his skill from his grandfather, who was a wood craftsman. Juris started working in 1999, when he was apprentice of a boat and log house master. He learned how to make wooden bowls himself. In 2014 he inherited his father's estate and in the end of 2015, Juris began to work in the renovated and self-established workroom in his own house.

Since September 2015 woodworking has become our common, Inguna and Juris Kokins, business.

We offer original, stylish, distinctive design of wood items, which are also practical and have artistic value. Our family pride are distinctive wooden bowls with bark. We offer table-and-kitchenware, interior items, toys for children, souvenirs and accessories - key rings, success buttons, magnets, etc.

Our goal is to develop independently, improve and surprise our customers with new creative ideas and goods.

From May 2016 we offer the customers the opportunity to see and buy wood products in the Wood product presentation room, at Skolas iela 24, Kombulu pagasts, Kraslavas novads (Latvia).



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